Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday

I'm doing my first ever Show and Tell Tuesday, and Today, we are talking about A Day in the Life.  As I'm sure for each of you, you have different things/activities on different days, but here is what some of our days look like :)

Good Morning :).  I wake up around 630-730.  I was waking up at 630 for a while to have about an hour before Kaylee, but she of course then started waking up earlier.  How do they know!?!  Today, I woke up at 7 and had my first cup of coffee of the day! 
I did a few things on my computer and unloaded the dishwasher just before Kaylee woke up around 7:20.  She woke up miserably on the wrong side of the bed, so she needed about fifteen minutes to lay in my bed with some milk.
It wasn't long until she was ready for breakfast and to do some playing :).  Finding Daddy's glasses made everything better.
Kaylee played for a little while I got ready for the gym, and we were off!   (I love this under armor short, it's cotton and really light.  It was perfect with shorts)
I was so excited that Kaylee let me drop her off at the gym's childcare tear free, so I got a good hour work out in.  After the gym, we ran some errands.  #LowesHasTheBestCarts
I gave Kaylee a quick lunch (bean salad, cheese, and applesauce), and put her down for a nap around noon.  She is almost always ready for her nap every day at this time which is nice to plan our days around.  I made myself a salad with lettuce, avocado, hardboiled eggs, green pepper, and feta with oil and vinegar dressing)
If you're wondering if I ate all of that huge salad, here's your answer:
I did #LaundryOnLaundryOnLaundry and organized my winter clothes.   I even had an extra ten minutes to soak up some sun until Kaylee woke up :)  She's up anytime between 2 and 3!  She was asking to go outside the second she woke up, so out we went.  I was able to clean off some of the furniture while she did some playing.
I wanted to clean our car #SoManyGoldfish, so we moved to the front porch where she could play while I did that in the driveway.  I was making trips up with stuff that needed to come in the house (one being her potty), so I set it down and went to make another trip.  When I came up I saw her using it on the front porch and started cracking up hahaha! #NeighborsDontJudgeMe
Five o'clock has me feeling like:
Time to make dinner!  Kaylee did some puzzles and coloring while I cooked.
I made brushetta for dinner.  Gerald planned on coming right home to cut the grass and was going to eat after, so Kaylee and I ate that early.  (I added half slices of salomi on his bread)  I cut up tomatoes, 2 cloves garlic, olive oil, basil, salt, onion powder, and pepper.
 And some feta cheese :)
It was a really good, light dinner.  We ended with a little yogurt buffet where I let Kaylee add her own berries, granola, and honey :).  Gerald was almost home, so we went out on the porch to wait for him and color with some chalk :)
Kaylee wanted to watch Daddy cut grass, so we played in the new house.
It started to get scary haha, so we played with some snapchat then headed in around 7 for bath, snack, and bed which is any time between 7 and 8.
I did some cleaning up, showered, and was in bed with Gerald catching up with our shows by about 830!   

Thanks hanging with us!  I'm so excited to read about what all of your days look like.  I love reading them, because I feel like I'm there, haha.  Have a great day:)