Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Griffin 3 months

We've made it through the "Fourth Trimester!" Griffin is such a good baby.  My favorite time is after his morning feeding he is ALL SMILES.  He's pretty content to be just hanging out as long as he can see his peeps.  We've taken a few longer car rides, and he is a CHAMP!  He mostly sleeps or stares in the mirror.  Bath time is his favorite, and he's really starting to show an interest in Kaylee by following around her voice and looking around for her.  We are getting worse and worse in the sleep department, I'm talking up 3-5 times, but other than that he has been such a JOY.  I was hoping for him to be in his crib by now, but with all of the waking we are just going to keep working on it.  He likes his paci if he's sad but not so much as a sleep aid.  He has found his hands and feet though, and loves to put them in his mouth hehe.  Here are some looks at our big boy :)

Leg lifts, LOL

Starring at Sissy.


Love you to pieces, Griffin!!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend 2017

We had a busy and fun Memorial Day weekend!!   Here;s a peek at what we did:
Gerald was off on Friday, and the Pens played, so we were repping our jerseys and spending some extra time with Daddy!

This girl turned TEN!!! I was just looking at pictures from her third birthday, and here she is holding the littlest guy.  We had so much fun at her party.

The park is a favorite, and watching Kaylee explore is just the best.

I was cracking up, because she packed a bag of stuff.  Luckily so, because some equipment was wet, and she brought herself a change of clothes, LOL.  Kaylee and Gerald went to his parents camp one day, and she had a BLAST.

Love this fam!!!

Swaddled and cozy and the Griffin's!

MDW wouldn't be complete without a trip to the pool.  Kaylee is getting so, almost TOO, confident in the pool and has the best time.

Morning story times is a new thing, and it's my favoriteeeee.

Walks on walks on walks.

Chilling at Grandma Sparkles, this guy LOVES FANS.

We were at urgent care for this rash.  It was super raised, hot, and had a little mark that looked like a bite mark, eeeeeek.  Luckily, it was just inflamed baby acne.  We were there with Kaylee earlier that day because she kept throwing up while coughing, UGH.  So thankful that both ended up being fine

New and ADORABLE shirt from Grandma sparkles :)

whew!!! I'm tired just from recapping.


Newborn Pics

Just before Griffin turned one month, I had some fun taking pictures of this cutie.  I can't believe how different he looks already!  Love my little guy.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Summer 2017

Every summer has looked so differently the past few years, and they have each been so fun for our family in different ways.  I wanted to make a list of plans we have and memories we hope to  create this summer:

** Vacation Bible School 
This will be a first for us, but I think Kaylee will LOVE it.  She couldn't have loved pre-school anymore, and loves Sunday School, so I'm thinking this will be a favorite.  I have her signed up for a morning one in June and an evening one in August!

**Family VACA
I'm so excited we are joining our favorites, the Kosts and Armbrusters, on a big family Vaca.  It'll be crazy with five under five, but I just have a feeling despite the craziness it'll be one we look back and reminisce on for years to come

We were so fortunate to get Kaylee tons of pool/boat time last summer, and her confidence took a gigantic leap by the end of summer.  I know it'll be harder this year with a baby, but I'm hoping to get her lots of water time.

**Girls' Trips
The Kost girls and us have made such fun memories doing little weekly girls' trips, and we have our first one planned for the summer.  CANNOT WAIT.

**Griffin's Baptism
This is such a special milestone, and we are so excited to welcome Griffin to leading a life with and for Christ.

**Girls' Nights
Hoping to have a few fun summer nights with my favorite girls.

**Date nights
These are so tough to do these days, but I want to have a few fun things scheduled.

**Ryan's 30th
My big bro is turning THIRTY!!! Funny thing is, I've been telling him he's pushing thirty for like 10 years, HA, but the time has come!  We have just started talking about how we are going to celebrate this big birthday of his.  

**Family room camp out
I think Kaylee would just love it if we "camped out" in sleeping bags and watched movies and had snacks in the 

**Date nights with our girl
I want to plan one night that Kaylee goes on a "date" with Gerald and one day or night where just her and I do something special together.  My dad did "Dates" with Ryan and me, and they're some of my favorite memories.  We got to pick where to go, and off we went, just the two of us.  

**4th of July Parade
We went to a local parade last year for the 4th, and it was so fun and kid-friendly.  My family and Ryan came, and I hope we do that again :)

We went to Idlewild as a family last year, and Kaylee had the time of her life!  It was so fun, and I want to make it an annual thing.

**Family picnic
I want to have both the Tyler's and Griffin's over for a little picnic this summer.

Getting to the gym isn't always going to be easy for me to do, so I want to make sure we are getting tons of outdoor exercise in our day-to-day.

This is all I have, so far! Looks like lots of fun and memory-making to be done.   I want to do better at blogging this summer, but I know at the very least I'll do a Summer recap where hopefully all of the above will be documented :).  

Here are some summer memes that had me laughing:
This is brilliant hahaha.

LOL because...Pittsburgh

Hoping this is me at the end of the summer!

Griffin: Two Months

Two months!   I've learned so much about this little guy in the past month, and my love has continued to grow for him.  He's the perfect addition to our little family.  Last month I talked about his fussiness, and that has (mostly) subsided!  He does the usual cry when he's hungry, tired, or needs changed. He now loves his bath, is happy during diaper changes, but does still prefer to be held.  And oh my is he GROWING!  

Getting coos and smiles is just THE BEST!  He loves a good fan, riding in the car, and is sleeping the same-ish as last month.  Big sister is still over the moon, UNLESS she's having a "moment" and will tell me "don't hold that baby!!!" HA.  Just this morning she said, "Mommy, I'm just so happy you brought the baby home from the hospital.  You picked such a cute one." LOL

Here's a peak at our growing boy:


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Griffin: One Month

The months sure do fly with a newborn, and sure do drag during pregnancy;)  I can't believe it actually.  So, let's recap this first month as a family of four, a few days late.

The transition from 1-2 has been so much easier for me than it was going from 0-1.  I felt like I knew what to expect way more this time around where with Kaylee there was so much unknown, and I was really learning as I went (and still am).  In so many ways I feel more calm about everything, and I'm really proud of how well I've adjusted to this change.  As far as babies go, I feel like Griffin's temperament is a little bit fussy.  I remember thinking with Kaylee she only cried when she was tired, but there are times I can't really figure out what's wrong.  With that being said, I've learned how to soothe him pretty quickly.  Basically, I think he's spoiled and just likes to be held :).

He has been sleeping well!  I put him down between 9-930 and he's up again between 130-3, and it's kind a toss up after that.  Sometimes, he will sleep til 6, other times, he's up two hours after the feeding.  All in all though, he is sleeping SO much better than Kaylee did and I am so grateful for that.  He's taken a bottle and likes to be swaddled at bed time.

He is really growing, and I was so sad to put those newborn clothes away.  With Kaylee, I remember being eager for her to grow and meet milestones, where I am soaking up this newborn time because I've learned how crazy fast the first year (and years aft that) go.  Big sister is in love with him, and so are we :)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Kaylee's Third Birthday

It was a little hectic this year celebrating Kaylee's birthday with a newborn, but I wanted to be sure to still make it special for her!  Last weekend, we celebrated with both families by going to dinner, and she loved it.  We brought cake and presents, and she asked the next morning if should could have the birthday party again :) 

The next weekend was her actual birthday weekend, so on Saturday I took her on a mystery trip, just us girls.  First stop, a frosty :)
Second stop, Target!  She got some Target gift cards, so we shopped for a present.  We had so much fun on our little girls' outing.

Sunday, Birthday!  We did presents in the morning, followed by donuts, Church, and an Easter egg hunt :)
It was such a beautiful morning!

After nap, we headed to my mom's so Kaylee could ride around on her new scooter.  Then we walked both kids to get ice cream.  Kaylee was wiped out, and so were we!  It was a great third birthday!! 

 Here is Kaylee's birthday interview:
Favorite color: pink
Favorite food: gumminies
Favorite animal: rhinoceros 
Favorite lunch: quesadilla 
Favorite breakfast: eggs
Favorite dinner: noodles
Best friend: grandma and Evelyn 
Favorite thing to play: monsters with daddy 
Favorite princess: Gracie
Favorite thing to wear: dress and skirt
Favorite show: beauty and the beast
Favorite place to go: park
Favorite toy: babies and dress up