Sunday, December 31, 2017

Griffin--WAYYYY overdue!

LIFE IS CRAZY!!! Here's a little five in one of baby griff.  

5 months

Soooo I took the pictures but forgot to right the post about sweet Griffy being 5 months. I'm not sure that too much has changed. He's still just the sweetest, most chill baby ever !! We crack up when we are out we can always forget he's there. He's so smiley, and he's starting to really reach for me when he sees me. He's loved all of his foods so far (carrots, sweet potatoes, avocado, banana, peas, and still loves his bottle. He's good in the car, likes walks in his stroller, and is just so go with the flow! He's still not sleeping well, womp womp. I do lay him down awake about 630 or so and he falls asleep but he's up at least two times after, which would be totally fine with me if he would go right back to sleep afterward #InsertEyeRollHere. I sure do Love you sweet boy!!!

6 months
Siting up!!! This big boy is sitting up and looks like he is so close to crawling.  He's up a couple times a night, sigh, but he's just the best.  My love for this little guy grows He's happy, he goes with the flow whether we're on a walk, in the car, out shopping, whatever!

7 months
Someone's first word was "MaMa" and it made his mama SO happy (: !!  He's moving all over the place, up 1-3ish times per night, and is just such a happy and chill baby.  He likes his paci, doesn't mind the car seat,a nd is pretty easy to get to sleep. He's loving to eat pretty much everything that we do!

8 months
Griffin moves, pulls, up and is on the go!  He's eating everything that we eat, and he loves just about everything.  He loves car rids, walks, and just hanging.  His favorite thing is a "ball" which he tries to say, and loves to pick one out from a group of toys.  He's interacting with Kaylee so much well, and even has some nights where he sleeps through.  Dada, Mama, Baba, and Ba are his favorite babbles!

9 months
Griffin is so smiley, and happy...unless he is sick!  He has six teeth right now and a constant cold for this past month, which he does not love.  He's doing the steps, and is loving to move all around, so the baby gate is our BFF!  He is BIG and wearing 18-24 month. He just had his check up and is in the greater than 99th percentile for height, 96 for weight, and 93 for head.  He is BIG.  He loves to climb the steps and explore anywhere that he can.  He's good in the car, loves a good shopping cart, and is so interested in Kaylee now.  It's so fun to see him light up around his people.  He's an early to bed early to rise kind of guy too...

I have lots of pics I'm going to add to a separate post!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Kaylee Update

I feel like I'm always posting about Griffin, so I thought I'd share what's going on with my first born big girl who I just love so much.  She'll be 3 1/2 in October, but most people ask if she's either 4 or 5 because she is tall and a talker. 

Kaylee is so many things, she's smart, funny, inquisitive, intuitive, and my girl loves some drama.

We always say Kaylee has BIG FEELINGS.  She's SO happy or it's also not rare for her to spend an hour crying because she wanted the pink cup not the purple one.  She wakes up grumpy from naps, but every morning her first question is, "so, what are we doing today and where are we going?"  She likes to know a plan and loves a schedule.  #GirlAfterMyOwnHeart.

Kaylee is a rockstar eater.  Thinking about what she ate today makes me laugh....avocado toast for breakfast, an entire apple with her  lunch spinach quesadilla, broccoli chicken and bacon and tons of grapes for dinner, I mean, variety is her thing!  She is also known to eat butter if in reach and would dip anything and everything in sour cream and/or ranch.  

Kaylee knows her birthday, her address, and we are working on my phone number.  She asks so.many.questions.  I mean, it cracks me up, like thought-provoking questions, "What's the sun do at night while the moon is out?" "How does God make babies?"  "How did Griffin get out of your belly?" My girl is SMART.  

She is INTENSE. All up in your grill, especially with friends like, "hey what's your daddy's name?  do you like noodles?  where do you live?" etc.  #ALLTHEQUESTIONS.  She loves to make new friends and can make friends, anywhere.  Older girls are usually so good with her and her interrogating small talk.  It's also not unusual for us to leave the check out line and she yells a casual, "I love you so much, bye!!!" to the cashier.  Boundaries aren't her thing.  She loves her people though, and I'm so glad that she knows just how loved she is.

Kaylee, if you're reading this and are a little bit older and a little bit wiser, I hope you always know how full you make my heart and how proud I am of you, and I pray that you never stop marching to the beat of your own drum!  God knew that the world and I needed a Kaylee.  You make me belly laugh so much and are seriously funny.  Actually, I love when you say, "actually" and "seriously" because it makes us both CRACK UP.   Love you so much my Kaylee girl; you are my sunshine.   

*Day in the life post of our final days of summer coming this week :)

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Griffin-4 months

My little Griffy is 4 months old and I can't believe it.  I feel like his personality has flourished this month, and he is just such a JOY.  He is easy peasy during the day, and will do whatever.  Hang in a bouncer, on the ground, in the car, stroller, whatever.  He's happy happy especially when he sees his Daddy, it's sweet!  I can't believe how differently I love this little guy.  Not more, or less, just SO DIFFERENT.  I think it's a combo of baby #2 and being a boy it just feels like a completely different kind of love!  His sleep isn't any good, he's still nursing every 2.5 hours, and I'm thinking I'll get the go ahead with cereal from the doctor tomorrow.  He's BIG.  I'm thinking close to 20 lbs wearing 6-9 month clothes with not much room to spare, NO FAIR!!!  I just love this little guy to pieces, and here's a look at my littlest love.

Monday, July 10, 2017

My Summer Essentials

There are a few things that have just helped make my summer days go a little more smoothly, and here they are:

I tried this a few months ago and LOVED it.  I loved the way my skin felt, and I felt like I really didn't need much make up over top.  I just restocked and am pumped!

I feel like as far as mascara goes, different ones work for different people like different hair products work for different people, but I picked this one up and have really been loving it.  I often use more than one mascara, but with this it really lengthens without looking like too much.

This concealer has been great to keep on hand or in my diaper bag when I feel like I need a little face lift.  Recommended from Kate, so you can't really ever go wrong!!

I LOVE MY APPLE WATCH.  It's one of those things that I feel like, how did I live without it!?  It's great to get notifications where I am without being attached to my cell phone.  I have my phone way less, and I love the way it tracks my work outs.

I've really tried to get diet pop out of my life, and I'm loving these with lunch or in the afternoon when I'm actually waiting for that glass of wine ;).  I'm thinking it'll be a good vaca mixer for me, too

This little four pack of celery has been perfect to grab and dip into peanut butter, it's quick, already cut, and decent for me.  They've been my go-to, quick snack.


We are teaching Griffin, too.  It's a good little change of pace that Kaylee loves.

I feel like I'm always in the shade with the baby, so my tan is pretty lacking.  My cousin recommended this to me, and I really like it!

Those are some of my summer favorites that are making my days!  Happy Monday!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Breakfasts for Littles

I feel like there are so many extra picnics, parties, parades, etc in the summer, which usually means extra junk food. I always feel better about our days if I start Kaylee off with something decent, and feel less guilty if there are one or ten extra treats thrown in. Here are three easy ones we've had on repeat:

This is a favorite, and if your kiddies watch Daniel Tiger, he gets credit for this one. I just put blueberries at the bottom of the bowl, cover them with natural oats, cover with water, then sprinkle some honey on top. Microwave one minute then cover with a little milk to cool. She then has a "blueberry hunt" while eating and loves it. And completely devours it. If I don't have blueberries she always loves peanut butter/banana oatmeal!!

Do you see the face here? Neither do I, HA! But a three year old with an imagination does!! This is easy and quick and she cracks up when I tell her she has to "eat the entire face!!"

Taste the rainbow!! Just banana and strawberry on a peanut butter English muffin. Sometimes I'll cut fruit and let her stick it on the peanut butter which is really fun (and messy)!
Lastly, When I have the ingredients and time, we do make your own yogurt parfaits, and Kaylee loves getting to make layers and add her own stuff!!
Happy (almost halfway point) of Summer, eeeek!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

June 2017

I can't believe that we blinked and June is over!  It's been a busy one full of fun, family, and sleepless nights.  Here's our June summed up in a few (24ish) pictures (:

My brother got these two rappers, who are actually pretty huge now, to play/sing/dance at his school!  Kaylee loved it 

Kaylee and I got some pots and flowers and made a morning out of this.

It was so fun!  I hope to do it every summer.

These two went to a Pirates' game!  Kaylee had SO MUCH FUN, and I think her Daddy did too.

Girls' trip, plus a little boy :)

the two little babes.

These margs tasted SO GOOD.  Kelly and I had been talking about them for approx. one year, and we celebrated by having one or four more after ;)

Father's Day Weekend was so fun, and I'll do another post about.  This is us at my aunt's bakehouse.

This little guy is the CUTEST.

And he turned three months old.  #FourthTrimesterIsOver

Kaylee loves the boat so much that she often makes her own boat and drives all around.



Rainy mornings call for all of the blankets and all of the stuffed animals.

This girl went to VBS for a week and had a cute little performance at the end of the week.  She was awesome.

Our town has community days every year, so we went and rode rides and ate funnel cake :)

My two crazies.

We celebrated Gerald's (half) birthday since there's so much craziness around Christmas.  Gerald got a Friday surprise and a Saturday Surprise, and Sunday morning we packed up the car on a surprise trip.  We went downtown to the fountains and there was so much activity going on in Market Square. We had the best day!

Hanging in the shade with my littlest guy.

We celebrated that night, too, at my parents.

And again the next day with the leftover brownies ;) #HappyBirthdayPenguin

Lots of park fun

And books on the porch.

It's been such a fun summer so far, and we have lots of FUN coming in July.  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Griffin 3 months

We've made it through the "Fourth Trimester!" Griffin is such a good baby.  My favorite time is after his morning feeding he is ALL SMILES.  He's pretty content to be just hanging out as long as he can see his peeps.  We've taken a few longer car rides, and he is a CHAMP!  He mostly sleeps or stares in the mirror.  Bath time is his favorite, and he's really starting to show an interest in Kaylee by following around her voice and looking around for her.  We are getting worse and worse in the sleep department, I'm talking up 3-5 times, but other than that he has been such a JOY.  I was hoping for him to be in his crib by now, but with all of the waking we are just going to keep working on it.  He likes his paci if he's sad but not so much as a sleep aid.  He has found his hands and feet though, and loves to put them in his mouth hehe.  Here are some looks at our big boy :)

Leg lifts, LOL

Starring at Sissy.


Love you to pieces, Griffin!!