Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Griffin 3 months

We've made it through the "Fourth Trimester!" Griffin is such a good baby.  My favorite time is after his morning feeding he is ALL SMILES.  He's pretty content to be just hanging out as long as he can see his peeps.  We've taken a few longer car rides, and he is a CHAMP!  He mostly sleeps or stares in the mirror.  Bath time is his favorite, and he's really starting to show an interest in Kaylee by following around her voice and looking around for her.  We are getting worse and worse in the sleep department, I'm talking up 3-5 times, but other than that he has been such a JOY.  I was hoping for him to be in his crib by now, but with all of the waking we are just going to keep working on it.  He likes his paci if he's sad but not so much as a sleep aid.  He has found his hands and feet though, and loves to put them in his mouth hehe.  Here are some looks at our big boy :)

Leg lifts, LOL

Starring at Sissy.


Love you to pieces, Griffin!!