Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend 2017

We had a busy and fun Memorial Day weekend!!   Here;s a peek at what we did:
Gerald was off on Friday, and the Pens played, so we were repping our jerseys and spending some extra time with Daddy!

This girl turned TEN!!! I was just looking at pictures from her third birthday, and here she is holding the littlest guy.  We had so much fun at her party.

The park is a favorite, and watching Kaylee explore is just the best.

I was cracking up, because she packed a bag of stuff.  Luckily so, because some equipment was wet, and she brought herself a change of clothes, LOL.  Kaylee and Gerald went to his parents camp one day, and she had a BLAST.

Love this fam!!!

Swaddled and cozy and the Griffin's!

MDW wouldn't be complete without a trip to the pool.  Kaylee is getting so, almost TOO, confident in the pool and has the best time.

Morning story times is a new thing, and it's my favoriteeeee.

Walks on walks on walks.

Chilling at Grandma Sparkles, this guy LOVES FANS.

We were at urgent care for this rash.  It was super raised, hot, and had a little mark that looked like a bite mark, eeeeeek.  Luckily, it was just inflamed baby acne.  We were there with Kaylee earlier that day because she kept throwing up while coughing, UGH.  So thankful that both ended up being fine

New and ADORABLE shirt from Grandma sparkles :)

whew!!! I'm tired just from recapping.