Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Breakfasts for Littles

I feel like there are so many extra picnics, parties, parades, etc in the summer, which usually means extra junk food. I always feel better about our days if I start Kaylee off with something decent, and feel less guilty if there are one or ten extra treats thrown in. Here are three easy ones we've had on repeat:

This is a favorite, and if your kiddies watch Daniel Tiger, he gets credit for this one. I just put blueberries at the bottom of the bowl, cover them with natural oats, cover with water, then sprinkle some honey on top. Microwave one minute then cover with a little milk to cool. She then has a "blueberry hunt" while eating and loves it. And completely devours it. If I don't have blueberries she always loves peanut butter/banana oatmeal!!

Do you see the face here? Neither do I, HA! But a three year old with an imagination does!! This is easy and quick and she cracks up when I tell her she has to "eat the entire face!!"

Taste the rainbow!! Just banana and strawberry on a peanut butter English muffin. Sometimes I'll cut fruit and let her stick it on the peanut butter which is really fun (and messy)!
Lastly, When I have the ingredients and time, we do make your own yogurt parfaits, and Kaylee loves getting to make layers and add her own stuff!!
Happy (almost halfway point) of Summer, eeeek!