Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bucket List

A bucket list is something I've been keeping track of mentally for a really long time.  The pen and pencil gal that I am put most of it down in one of my many journals, but I think blogging about it will make me think about it more AND remind me of the things I have accomplished thus far and am seeking to accomplish.  While there will be more to add, here are a few things on my bucket list :)

1. Run a marathon
2. Have a family (almost there!)
3. Travel through Europe

I started this one; here I am in Ireland :)

4. Go on a mission trip to a third world country
5. Get married
6. Sky Dive
7. Graduate early from college
Mission accomplished :)

8. Write a book
9. Earn my doctorate degree
10. Cook a Thanksgiving dinner
11. Be a writing teacher
12. Coach a winning team
13. Change someone's life
14. Go to an NCAA championship game
15. Own a boat
16. Build my dream house
17. Be a guest speaker
18. Read 50 books in a calendar year
19. Be a spinning instructor
20. Complete an olympic triathlon (1 mile swim, 25 mile bike, 10K run)
This was an amazing experience with my dad, and something I hope to do again :)
Swim: 35:04
Bike: 1:29:23
Run: 50:25

21. Journal every day for one calendar year
22. Connect with a church
23. Be a vegetarian for one calendar year
24. Learn to play tennis, well.
25. Read the bible from beginning to end

I hope to share more, but here were the top 25 things on an old bucket list I found.  As I was remembering the list, it made me feel so blessed.  I don't take the opportunities that I have had lightly.  Also, I like that most of the things on my list require hard work and dedication.  The ones which I have already completed  are cherished so closely to my heart because they are successes that I have earned.