Saturday, January 25, 2014

First Timer

It's funny, because I teach my students about writer's block when they "have nothing to write about."  I say the best cure for it is to just start writing.  So, here I am, experiencing writer's block on my FIRST blog post.  Maybe it's karma.

Anyways, let me start by saying why I decided to start blogging.  Journalling may be my absolute favorite thing to do. Anytime I need to gain clarity or perspective, feel lost, thankful, scared, or anything really, I take out one of my lovely journals.  The fact that I have so many is the first problem; I'm a nerd!  I can't help but buy a nice journal with a catchy quote or symbolic cover every single time I see one.  Next, I want to use them all!  While I try to designate different journals for different writing purposes, it rarely works.  Although I hope to never stop journalling, I thought blogging would be a great way to compile all of my thoughts, experiences, and…the best part…pictures into one place.    

A little bit about me:

I'm a teacher, and I'm so young and in love with the profession.  It's kind of like the beginning of a new romance; I am so eager to learn more about how to become better and going to work every day doesn't really feel like a job…yet.  I student taught in a great suburban school, Dublin, Ireland, and now I have my own classroom in an inner-city, impoverished school.  Each experience has been indescribably different and equally life-changing.

Also, I'm a mama-to-be.  It's funny, because I've controlled just about everything in my life thus far, and I have been faced with so few bumps in the road or unexpected turns.  My driven self has really accomplished just about every task I've set out to complete.   (This is just an embellished way of saying what a crazy control freak I am).  Anyway, while the news was scary at first, this is already unravelling into being a beautiful blessing.  More about this little girl, who I can't wait to meet, in a later post (and more about her baby daddy of course, too).

I hope I did okay for my first blog, and I'm excited to share more about my family, crazy students, and exciting new endeavors.