Sunday, March 2, 2014

So much March Madness

Is it just me who is in denial that it's already March?  By denial, I mean that it seems too good to be true!  It's the month where I am heading back to Pittsburgh for my maternity leave, the month that is also known as Heaven for college basketball fans (such as myself), the month of St. Patrick's Day (one of my favorite holidays), and this March marks the eve of the month that a new baby girl is coming into the world.  So, like I said, so much madness.

I little classroom decorating was in order.

I am under three weeks until I venture back to Pittsburgh, and during my sleepless, heartburn-filled nights, my wheels are constantly turning about all I have to do when I get back.  Granted, I'm the girl that is done Christmas shopping in November, has her Valentines made and addressed in the middle of January, and has lesson plans done weeks in advance, so it's just my crazy, type A, control-freak self coming out, but I'm so eager to get everything into place.  

I'm really excited to get back and complete the nursery decorating; it's so close.  My mom and I got really creative over Christmas break, mostly for my lack of cash-flow, and made a lot of cute yet intricate decals for the nursery.  I'm so excited to get back and get to decorating!

Also, we got the crib up and running, are still waiting on the rocker, and Gerald got the dresser/changing table all set.  

The sheets need washed for it, but I think it looks great!  The blanket on the side is from my mom, and the puppy is from my pop-pop!  

Things are winding down at school, and I'm getting sad to say good-bye to my students the closer I get to March 21st.  My leave takes me through the end of the year, but I'm thinking I may need to head back to see them off for the summer.  Standardized testing is coming up, so I really only have two weeks of teaching left.  EEEK!

I start my weekly doctor's appointments this week, which means the end is near; I can't believe it!  I always get a little bit excited about doctor's appointments.

Everyone enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and stay warm! :)