Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday (not so) Funday

I've always loved Sundays.  In the fall, my favorite season, there is always football to look forward to.  In the winter, it's typically a lazy day where my mom makes a nice dinner, and there's a sizzling fire to accompany it.  When I think of Sundays in the spring, I think of taking the dog to the park or going out around the neighborhood; there is just something about seeing neighbors out working or kids out playing that gives me a jubilant feeling.  Sundays in the summer almost always consist of me going to early morning spinning, followed by a nice breakfast, and typically a day by the pool.  The song, "It's what I love about Sundays," puts a smile on my face any day of the week :)

Some of my other favorite Sunday activities have included: Mimosas, Bloody Mary's, tailgating, or on the hungover Sunday, a day-long SVU marathon with countless Powerade Zeros have always done the trick.  

I don't know if it's the being alone or the being pregnant part that has taking away my love for this extraordinary day of the week.  My 34.5 week pregnant body has been yelling, "Stay in bed!"  However, there has always been something about lying around and watching tv that has made me feel guilty!  Countless people have told me, "Get your rest now, and enjoy it!" OR "Your body is creating a miracle; give it the rest that it needs."  I guess I'm learning the difficulty in being"Away from family and pregnant" (I think I put it in quotes because it sounds like a reality show).  Anyway, with no one to help with groceries, laundry, or the countless insurance issues I'm encountering, it feels like there's just not enough time in the day for rest when there is so much I have to do!  

My typical (non-Pittsburgh and pregnant) Sunday has looked about the same.  Not the Sunday Fundays I was having, but I am confident that I will get those back.  Typically, I wake up between 6-7am very famished!  Going back to sleep is typically out of the question, so I'll lay for an hour or two reading, or when I'm feeling crazy, I'll watch Netflix for an hour or so until I feel too guilty and obliged to move on with my "imperative to-do's."  Today, I had a pretty hefty list:
  • Write Thank you notes
  • Buy stamps
  • Check Once Upon A Child for a few non-baby shower items
  • Grocery Shop
  • Write insurance appeal
  • Grade papers
  • Do laundry
  • Buy medicine (I'm getting sick, UGH!)
  • Work out
  • Complete loan form
  • Download Americorps info
Now, do you see why I'd feel guilty for having a "lazy Sunday!?"  I must admit, I find inexplainable joy in crossing things off of my to-do list, but having to conquer so much alone has been a tall glass to order.  In a few short weeks, I will be back in Pittsburgh, so that is keeping me going!  I must say, I have already gotten over half my list done for the day.  I typically make a "Weekend to-do List" and a "Weekly To-Do's" list.  There are always items that carry over into the week(end).

Things to look forward to this week:
  • The Voice AND Grey's Anatomy is starting up again!  I'm not a huge TV watcher (due to the tv-watcher's guilt I endure), but I love both of these shows!!
    • My roommate and I will usually have a rendezvous for watching this on Hulu later in the week!
  • Scandal has become my FAVORITE show, and I'm already excited to watch it the day after it airs.
    • The life of a non-cabler
  • My school has parent-teacher conferences this week.  I really love sitting down with both the student and the parent and prompting the student to lead a conference explaining successes, areas of growth, and where the three of us can go for the meeting.  It's amazing when the student is forced to do the talking how honest they will be!  
I'm going to treat myself to watching the PITT game while working on an insurance claim to end this Sunday.  Have spring on your mind, and have a great week :)

This will be me tomorrow: