Friday, February 21, 2014

A Little Belated Valentine's

You have your, "I hate Valentine's Day'ers," your "I don't really care about this holidayers," and your "I LOVE THIS DAY'ers."  I'm more on my own island of, "I love holidays!"  Single or taken, I've always loved Valentine's day.  Not only is there lots of pink, but it's an excuse to celebrate something.  Of course, like the "I hate Valentine's Day'ers" I agree that love should be shown every day of the calendar year.  Some of the anti-Vday material really crack me up though.
So I actually did leave early, because I did have Valentine's Day plans.  However, the lovely snow storm that I spoke about previously stopped the plan!  Gerald was supposed to make me dinner when I got home, but it was after 11 and I was exhausted from my 9 hour drive!  It's okay though; we post-poned to Monday evening.

However, Friday night we did take time to exchange our little Valentine's gifts.

I got crafty this year and typed up 52 things I love about Gerald, put them on playing cards, hole punched the cards, and combined them with the little silver ring.  Although it was time consuming, it was fun to do!  I also gave him some gummies, coffee, snoopy boxers, coffee cup, and some chocolates.

Gerald got me some pink socks, slippers, a coffee cup ALMOST identical to the one I got him LOL, and a pink shirt.  I already had the shirt, but I got it in more of a maternity size, so the one he got me will be great post-baby :).
I also got some really pretty flowers!!

Another part of my gift was him making me dinner, and it was delicious!!!
 Course #1- SALAD (spinach: my fav! with Olive Garden Dressing)
Course #2- Salsa chicken, brown rice, and bread- I loved it.
 Angel Food Cake and strawberries
Making this has been our thing for a while, and it tasted especially good when eating it for Valentine's Day :)
Things even got a little crazy with some sparkling cider.  It's funny; last year we went to dinner with our friends Gab and Charlie.  Gerald and I even pre-gamed with margaritas at Don Pablos before going to a nice dinner at Monterey Bay; oh how things have changed!