Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tutus and Tiaras

The past couple of weeks have been quite the whirl wind, but I have so much to share!  I came home on Valentine's Day after our class field trip to see a Holocaust play (a little oxymoronic if you ask me).  I left right after school because of the obscene amount of incoming snow!  A trip that usually takes 6 hours took 9!  SO. MUCH. SNOW. I made it though.  Gerald had a dinner planned for me, but I could hardly keep my eyes open after a day at school and a 9 hour SOLO road trip.

Saturday, I had a shower with Gerald's side of the family.  It was wonderful; I loved how intimate it was enabling me to really chat with everyone.  We played some baby bingo, decorated onesies, and played a name game (I WON!).  I got so many wonderful gifts, and it was a truly special day!

One of the MANY precious outfits baby girl got; she shall be one fashionista!

 These were as delicious as they are precious!

This is a banner made by Gerald's sister; I love it!  It'll go on the house once baby girl comes :)

Sunday was my family shower, where we celebrated with 50 of my closest friends and family.  I felt so unbelievably loved and blessed by all of the surrounding support.  My mom did an amazing job with everything; she had been working so hard for months, and I must say everything paid off.  She could be a professional baby shower planner; it was all of the personalized touches that made the day so special.  My aunt and cousin, Kelly, were huge helps with handling RSVPS and favors (to be shown below).  My Grandma, Abby, and Aunt Linda also came early to help set everything up.  Everyone was just too amazing.

A little blurry-but all the girls setting up!

The shower started with an overwhelming amount of people strolling into the champagne brunch at 11:00am.   I loved seeing all of my friends and family, but I was sad I didn't get to spend more time with some of the people I haven't seen in a while.  It was great to be surrounded by the people I love most.  

Here are some of the pink goodies around the shower:

 These beauties are homemade centerpieces from my mom.  The flowers are actually pens :)

The "Whats in your Baby Bottle" is a homemade scratch off.  Everyone LOVED them.  The winners had "milk."  Others said things such as: beers, skinny girl margaritas, tea, coffee, and diet coke.  The "New Mommy Advice" card were all SO much fun to read, and I've learned  from the gist of them say, "time goes by FAST."

 These are the adorable favors that my Aunt and Cousin made.  Water bottles with tutus; TOO CUTE!!

 This is the final product of the perfect tables.

PINK popcorn- it's as delicious as it looks.

Tiara cookies-do you believe it?  Homemade by my mama. 

Baby pics of Gerald, baby X, and me!  Gerald was too big for the frame my mom bought; HAHA.

I had LOTS of publicly opening present anxiety..I mean lots.  But Rachel helped me tackle the CRAZY amount of presents.   People were unbelievably thoughtful; I was so overwhelmed.  Rachel was very helpful with opening all of the gifts.

It was a great day followed by lots of unloading and organizing.  The nursery isn't quite ready, but we did get the closed organized into size.  
Clothes GALORE! 

The baby is so loved already, and it's wonderful to feel the love and support this weekend.  

Gracie was also a guest of honor at the shower and it feels like just yesterday was the shower in honor of her.  Here is the pic from Kelly's shower.
We reenacted it at my shower; Abby's is next!!