Friday, April 4, 2014

Whirl Wind

Well, I made it!  I am back in Pittsburgh, baby-less, and there was not an early birth forcing an emergency drive out to Indy from my loved ones.  It has been quite the whirl wind since I have been back in the Burgh (two weeks ago today-seems crazy)! While I was very eager to get home, it was incredibly sad leaving my school/students.  I have had an amazing first year of teaching (although I do not recommend being pregnant for it), and I was blessed to work with such great students and staff.  A lot of the kids really didn't understand that I'd be out for the rest of the year, but when they understood it they made me feel heart broken with their tears and heart felt notes.  Leaving was not easy, and I miss them already!  

Here are some of the things they gave me:

After a lovely drive home with my dad (we passed time by reading from one of my new, favorite, and dictionary-like books, 100 Words to make you Sound Smart), Gerald and I had pizza and wings with my parents while watching the Pens game.

The next day, my mom and I put all of the finishing touches on the nursery, very efficiently if I might add!  I love how it looks, and she has been soooo helpful!

Gerald was then off on Sunday where we had brunch at his parents and began errand-running!  We didn't get too much accomplished, but it was nice getting back into the every-day life.  We did get some Pittsburgh gear for the baby at my new favorite store, Once Upon A Child.

Also, what would a Sunday be without some homemade placemats!? We found these at Target for only a buck!

Mine (right) His (left)
The funny thing is that I finished my entire bunny before he even finished one ear.

Because of the unknown with the baby, we decided to have a date night on Monday, just in case it would be our last one for a while.  We went to PF Changs (my first time!)  I broke my "no ice cream during pregnancy" rule for the very first time at desert, but it was worth it!  Below is the banana/coconut concoction of deliciousness!

Later in the week, my mom and I took back some stuff back and did a little "possible last minute shopping."  This is my favorite purchase of the day!

I'm dying to find one in my size!!!

Gerald got a bonus at work for some great customer service reviews, so the following Monday ended up being a date night too (the last for a while???).  We went to Bravo and decided to walk around for a bit afterward.

The next day I had a doctor's appointment where the doctor said he assumed I would not make it to my next appointment, this Monday, April 7.  So, we have been playing quite the waiting game!!

In case anyone forgot, Wednesday was my half birthday!  I had a great day shopping and going to lunch with my mom and grandma.  The evening ended with Gerald and I getting Frozen Yogurts and going to one of my very favorite stores, Half Priced Books.  I started my new book and think it's going to be great.  It's called, Half the Sky.

While many have been asking about the rest I've been getting, I have been pretty busy, and I must say I'm grateful for that!  Yesterday was probably the first day I didn't have an agenda, and it drove me a little crazy!!  Today is a rainy day where I should be enjoying the end of relaxation and peace and quiet for a while, but I'm struggling!! I don't know how to fill my day with mundane tasks, but I must say I have been doing lots of reading, which I love, and even some crafty things like this:
As I've mentioned several times, I love schedules!  This is an old picture frame.   I cut out scrap book paper and wrote the days of the week and a "To-Do" page and put it behind the glass.  With a dry erase marker, I write what's going on for the week; love it!

My first due date has come and gone (April 3), but the doctor did say she predicted more like 4/6-4/12, so who knows!  I'm eagerly awaiting the birth of this little girl, and I'm happy to have blogging to occupy some of my time!

Happy Friday:)