Thursday, December 11, 2014

"It's been a ... short December"

Two weeks, people.  Two weeks until Christmas.  I don't know about you, but I need to wrap up my shopping and start up my wrapping.  I hate how quickly the time leading up to Christmas goes, because I really do just love the season.  Here are some highlights of our December (let's be honest I don't remember when these events took place, I just have photo proof of them).

We spent a beautiful afternoon downtown with the Griffin's!  The Coynes were in town, so it was the perfect reason to get everyone together and enjoy Pittsburgh.  We had a blast.

We spend so much quality time with "Gammy G," and Kaylee just loves my mom!  This is us taking a picture at Target.

Kaylee gets to visit her GREAT grandparents about once a week, and she loves it!!  She is always playing with my Gram's bling, and loves seeing my pop-pop, too!  Here they are playing together.

After many failed attempts, I tried uploading the infamous "peas" video, where my dad instigates Kaylee by laughing every time she spits out her peas.  It is too cute, and now she is correlating spitting with seeing him, too funny.  It's so fun to see her with both her grandpas! 

This gem is from Thanksgiving in VA.  We had a BLAST.   It is always so fun seeing the Armbrusters/Kosts, and Gracie is cuter than ever (with the cutest pregnant mom)!!!  Kaylee especially loved hanging with her Uncle Ryan!  

Because December is so crazy with school, basketball, and Gerald's new 13 hour day schedule, Kaylee gets to spend lots of evenings with her grandparents, aunt, and uncle!

Not to already start on the whole New Years Resolution thing, but my New Years Resolution is to keep up with my blog!

Happy Friday Eve!!!