Monday, February 16, 2015

And...she's on the move.

Last month, I mentioned how close Kaylee was to crawling.  Well, she has conquered it!  It's fun to see her crawl to people and to some of her favorite toys.  It's not so fun to see the tiny things she is able to see on the floor and now able to get to...

(sick eyes :( )

Kaylee had her first real sickness.  Poor thing has/had a pretty nasty cough.  Her fever is gone, but her nose is continuing to run!  At first, she thought the sneezing and nose running was funny, but she is OVER it.  

I don't think too much is new, but she is loving her water-filled zippy cup, eating lots of finger foods, and pulling herself up with ease.  She is still shy around new faces, but gets so excited to see her favorite peeps!  Kaylee girl is so very loved. 

Her 1st birthday party planning is in the works!  I know it's going to be here before we know it.

Kaylee is quite the talker; her favorite word of all is, "uh oh" which is why she is constantly dropping things and saying it.  She also says, "duck, mama, dada, bu bye, yum, hi, book, and mimics many others.  She is developing quite the personality, and each day is so exciting because of all the new things she is learning and doing.  

I was slightly obsessing over all the snuggles I was getting due to her sickness; it was definitely the silver lining.  Here are some pics that I took :)

This is my fav ^^