Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Toddler Tuesday

I feel like I've been struggling to keep up with my blogging, so I hope to find ways to incorporate time for blogging each week.  I thought it'd be a good idea (since Kaylee is kind of past the monthly milestones) to take some time to talk about what my little baby toddler :( is up to on Tuesdays.  Just a way to share what's going on or if we did something fun the previous week!  They won't be as long as today's, I just hadn't written about this sweet girl in a while!

I feel like she is officially a toddler, and all the good and bad that comes with that.  Tantrums are definitely a new and prevalent thing in our household, mostly after her afternoon naps.  She is so happy after her morning nap, but wakes up very crabby in the afternoons! Her tantrums evolve when she's given a food she doesn't want or something is taken away that she can't have.  I try to just set her somewhere safe and give her a minute to relax, and usually within seconds she is saying, "HI" and blowing me a kiss.

I'm loving that it is officially spring which means we have been doing so much outside play.  This May is so different from last.  I so vividly remember doing everything I could to keep Kaylee out of the sun and having my days revolve around nursing her and getting her lots of sleep.  Although our days revolve around nap time, I love how much we can do now that she's a "toddler."  

Nap times are....okay.  She was on a great schedule: two naps a day around 930am and 2pm.  Each were between 1.5 and 2 hours, and she would go down without a peep!  Bedtime was the same way.  Well, you know what they say, the good and bad stages quickly pass by!   I don't pick her up when she's upset about being in her crib, but I will lay her down every 10 minutes or so and give her a kiss or rub her head.  She usually stands and yells at the door which is heartbreaking!! She looks so big to me when she does finally go down for a nap.  

It's been 48 hours, and I think it's safe to say we have officially moved to only sippy cups!  It's sad in a way, you never know when the last bottle you're going to give them is, but I'm so proud of how Kaylee adjusts to new things.  

What we've been up to: The Zoo and the park are two places we've gone to frequently.  Gerald's mom got us a zoo pass for Christmas, and it has been so great to have!  We can go for an hour or two to see a certain part and not feel like it's a waste because we have to leave for nap time.  Kaylee has been loving all of the animals, but she only animal words she knows are"woof" and "duck," so we get a lot of that.   We've also been hitting up the park quite a bit!  We do the swings and I run 2-3 miles with her in our jogging stroller.


What she's Loving: CRACKERS (she may or may not turn into one), cheese, orange wedges, waffle with peanut butter. Water!  Her baby...it is so cute.  She will not put her baby down.  She also loves her binky (she has about 8 in her crib...)

What she's hating disliking: naps, bedtime, being away from mom.

What she's saying: HI (constantly), Duck, Baby, Baba, Bink, Book, Hey, Buh bye, Mama, Dada, Hot, Woof, Nose, YUMMMMM (the second we walk into the kitchen), MWAH, UCK (yuck), No no, Uh oh, Night Night, Up.

What we're working on: Walking-she is at about 7-10 steps at a time and getting better each day!  Language- we work on new words and sounds every day.  As I mentioned before, separation is an issue, so we're definitely working on that, too!  

Thanks for catching up with us!!

  Check back Friday for "Friday Favorites;" an idea I got from the coolest mom around :).