Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Favorites

Consecutive 80+ Degree weather!? Is it safe to say spring has sprung?? The past couple days in Pittsburgh have been in the mid 80's and feeling like mid August.  After our winter, I am so not complaining.  I am loving being able to go outside.  Half of my day at school is teaching PE (we are a school with no gymnasium), so we have been outside, lots.  (I'd be lying if I said I didn't especially love that I can work on my tan while at work....)  Here are a few of my favorite things :)

I love this water bottle!  I have been working on solely drinking water (and coffee but I feel like that doesn't need justified as a mom).  This has meant cutting out and pop, juices, etc. (I do wine and sometimes Diet Cokes on the weekends).  For me, getting a new water bottle made me follow this much more closely.  I put a whole lemon in it each day and try to fill it up several times.  Notice the "T" for my future last name :).  This is a Tervis, and I love the shape and lightness.

So now it seems like I'm contradicting myself, but this is one of my favorite summer drinks that I'm deciding to put into the coffee category.  I limit myself to one 8oz serving/day, and it is definitely my guilty pleasure!!!


I can't believe SCANDAL is coming to an end.  This is a show that Gerald and I watch together, so I love when it's on.  If you haven't watched, it's a MUST SEE and you can get caught up on Netflix or On Demand.  


I have been mixing up my work outs, and was in a pretty good running/lifting routine until I sprained my ankle which put off the running for a few days, and those few days make a difference!  I love when I'm able to get to the gym, but when I'm not, I really love to use kettle bells.  I am learning about different work outs, and there are TONS of free online videos.  However, work outs while Kaylee is awake don't work so well...


I got this new journal that I'm super excited about!  I have way too many journals, but they're something that are hard to me to pass up.  This one is different in that there are 300 prompts to write about.  While I love meeting a blank page with my pen and writing about whatever's going on, it's also nice to have something to guide you, and they are all pretty personal.  Some examples: "Write about the most important quality any mother should have," "Write about a moment when you felt proud of yourself," "You have magic soap, what does it wash away?"  Most are practical and personal, but there are definitely some fun creative ones too.  Oh, and the Sharpie pen is just the best thing since sliced bread.  An investment, but they are life-changing.  


IPSY.  Ever heard of it?  I am really liking this because once a month you get an adorable make up bag full of make up, lotions, hair things, brushes, etc.  It's fun to have something to look forward to.  It is only 10 dollars a month, and I feel it's worth it.  It's nice getting these cosmetics in small portions.  You're able to try it out, and if you love it, then you know the brand and where to purchase it.  If this sounds fun to you, then you can subscribe here.


Lastly, this week was Teacher Appreciation Week, and Gerald so sweetly surprised me with an Alex and Ani "teacher" bracelet and sweet card.  I just love it!!  Surprises are definitely a favorite.  My school's celebration was today ( a day I am not at school), so it was so nice to still have a little celebration!

Happy Friday, Have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day!  Stop back Monday for my latest MUST READ book.