Saturday, August 8, 2015

Friday Favs

The past two days my cousins, Abby and Kelly, Aunt Ellie, and Kelly's babes came in for a few days.  We had some great girl time; it was a blast!  It was so great talking about the wedding that's TWO WEEKS AWAY OMG.

Gracie is so much fun for Kaylee to watch and is such a good big cousin!  Kaylee is a little intimidated but was yelling "GRACIE" all week!

Wednesday we had a pool/park day.  We took the girls back to my place when they were over it, and let them nap while we hung out for a while. 

HAPPY HOUR.  We hit up happy hour once the girls woke up.  We had three babies under 3, so this is a public apology for anyone else at Pugs during this time.
once we got back the girls were all ready for bed.  This was the best we got...

We played a drinking game, had snacks, and naturally all had roses while watching "Bachelor in Paradise."  It's a tradition we've done on VACA, so we watched Monday's episode on demand.  It was so fun!!
here are the buzz words you had to drink/raise your hand for.

Shopping.  It was a great day for shopping, and all the littles really hung in there.  

After a busy day of shopping, Abby, Kelly, and I took the girls for a walk.  One loved it, one slept, one cried.  Once the girls went to bed (at 645pm) we had snacks, drinks, and hung on the deck.  It was PERFECT.

Now for a weekend of making seating charts for the wedding!!  Have a great weekend:)