Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Update

Here we are again...Monday!  The ground is covered in FROST.   I secretly love the change in season.  We had a nice weekend with family.
Friday, my brother, Ryan, and I went to see my Grandpa at his nursing home.  Kaylee loves to just run around the place.  She especially loved her uncle pushing her all around in her great grandpa's wheelchair! 
Here are my grandparents with Ryan and Kaylee.

Friday night, we went over to my parents for pizza and drinks.  My family loves a good dance party, and here is Kaylee dancing with her baby and my dad!

Saturday, we hung out and did some cleaning.  Gerald made this fort for Kaylee which she LOVED (I'm not sure who had more fun playing in it....Gerald or Kaylee).

Sunday, we had the Griffin/Tylers over for the Steeler game, and it was a win!  Kaylee was in her glory being around all of her favorite people, and she had a very early bedtime because of it :)

Have a great week!!