Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Update

Spring Fever!!! We had awesome weather yesterday, and it's making me excited for nice weather.  Friday night I was out late for basketball.  Saturday, I had an 80's themed bridal shower that I went to with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

There were so many cute, creative outfits!  The shower was so cute, our favors were rubix cubes, snap bracelets, and bright sunglasses!  Everything was brightly colored and 80's themed!  Even the cup cakes :)

After the shower, Kaylee and I spent the night at my parents, because Gerald was away helping Ryan move out of his apartment.  We had so much fun!  
Saturday, we hung and played.  Caught this adorable pic of Bailey and the book that Kaylee gave him to read, HAHA.  After Kaylee went to bed, we rented a movie, my mom and I did facials and pedi's, and ate junk food :).  

Sunday morning, we walked to a bakery nearby.  Donuts gave this little girl so.much.happiness.

It was 64 degrees in the burgh, so we spent most of the day playing outside!


Snacks with pop :)

During nap time, my mom and I watched "The Longest Ride."  We really liked it!  When Kaylee woke up, we headed for another walk to get ice cream.  This girl was in her glory.  

 I'm not sure who was more sad to say goodbye, Kaylee or my parents.  BUT, I'm sure they'll sleep well tonight :)

Thanks for a great weekend, Grandma and Pop!