Sunday, June 19, 2016

Girls Trip to Virginia

We had such a fun trip to Virginia to see our Kost Girls!!  Car rides always seem to be a variable for us.  Sometimes a 5 minute drive to the grocery store is TRAGIC or sometimes a three hour car ride is easy peasy.  Well, I was so happy that both to and from went very well!  We barely needed any of the new and exciting dollar store purchases or snacks :)
We started off hanging on the deck by the pool :).  Kelly and I got to have drinks and catch up while these girls had their own girl talk in the pool.
"Girl Talk" often turned to "hugs" aka wrestling...
Baby London who isn't seeming like such a baby anymore woke up:).  Kaylee feels like such a big girl around her.
Off to the big pool!  Our girls played hard for two hours!  We talked about how crazy it's going to be next year when London is two, Kaylee is three, and Gracie is four, where did our babies go!?
We made it back home for pjs and an early bedtime.  Bedtime is always tricky, but before we know it I think they'll be fighting to all sleep together in one big bed or in sleeping bags:).  Kelly and I watched "How to be Single" and had buffalo chicken Dip, it was PERFECTION !
These big girls were hanging out at the island before a fun trip to the cutest little farm/park.  
When you wear crocs to a farm thats muddy.......
Look at these big girls:)  After the park we headed to Chick Fila which was followed by nap time, bloody mary's and Gilmore Girls :)
First ever nap time in this Big Girl bed.  
We spent the evening at my Aunt Ellie and Uncle Curts.  The girls had so much fun playing at the park, outside, and with all of the fun toys.
Bracelet Queen!!  The girls were SO ready for bed after a busy, busy day.  Kelly and I got to watch more gilmore girls with wine after bed.  We needed with a morning of play before heading home.  It was such a perfect trip!!!
 Someone was exhausted...
Annnnnd we got back just in time for lots of dress up play!

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