Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Girls' Day

Time is flying with this pregnancy, and every now and then I get a little sentimental about losing all of my one-on-one time with Kaylee.  I mean we are ALWAYS together.  I'm so excited about what our new little addition is going to bring, but I want to squeeze in some special time with Kaylee before baby, and I need to make an effort to do that even after baby boy arrives.  I planned a little impromptu girls' day with my favorite girl.  Here's how it went:  

We started with a Kohls trip because... #KohlsCash.  Note: They will suck you back in.  After checking out we received more Kohls cash eeeeek, so we will be back.  I brought snacks and Kaylee actually sat in their little cart while I did some holiday shopping.  #ThisNeverHappensAnymore #Sigh

Next Stop: MALL

Our mall is beautifully decorated for the holidays, and this girl went up and posed in front of every.single.tree.  I was cracking up and she was loving the photo opps.  
We had to hit up the mall park before the movie, and it never disappoints :)
We got our tickets!!! I'm not sure who was more excited ;)

I wonder how long it will be until she learns that to actually play the machine needs money!?  Hoping a long time....

Ok, so never in my years of seeing a movie has this happened....until the day I brought my two year old.  I called the theatre realllllll quick and it was a few minutes until things were up and running.  I think the previews even restarted, so if I had to hear "Where is Moana!?" One more time....

My big girl!  So, I learned that even without the error message, when going with littles I will definitely aim on the late side of the movie start time.  We were out of snacks by the time the movie started I think due to the extended previews.  Also, we saw the 1030 showing, and it was a perfect time.  We left at noon (I think there was about an hour left), because someone was getting sleepy.  She did great and really mastered whispering hahaha.  

Love my special days with you, Kaylee!!