Monday, February 20, 2017

Day in the Life (Winter 2017)

I wanted to do a  post before A Day in the Life post before things change, A LOT. next month when baby comes.  (I wish I could put into words how great it feels to be able to say, "next month" :)) So, I documented a pretty typical day in the life this past Thursday.  Here it is:

I didn't decide I was doing this post until after we got out of bed, but Kaylee wakes up anytime between 530-7 (615 is the norm I'd say), and we usually watch a show in bed.  I used to love having some quiet time before she got up, but since it's unpredictable and #pregnancy, I usually just wait for her to walk down.  Sometimes she's in her jammies, sometimes she's in a fancy dress and skirt, it's always a mystery :).  After our show, we both had breakfast then she worked on some stamps and coloring while I...

was in need of a face and hair lift!

I do pretty minimal on these days and did some concealer, bronzer, and mascara.  I'll do some curls too and that'll take me at about 10-15 minutes.  Ready for school!

Kaylee picked this outfit....I convinced her that this shirt was good to wrap up her valentine's week at school, but since it wasn't a dress she NEEDED a sparkly skirt and pants.

A few minutes of these two before we headed out the door.

And look...snow!  We got an inch or two this day, which is cracking me up because it's going to be 65 and sunny today.

Always early to snapchat.

This girl loves school.  We have a drop off line, and usually she is sprinting to the door before I can even blink.

I had a little work to do, so I went to Panera for about 45 minutes to get some stuff done.  I went to Children's Place after because their sale signs made me, and I will show you the end product of that, later (:

After school, we went to grocery pick up, which has been amazing

My little helper.

aaaaand, wardrobe change.

So these dresses were 29.99 originally, but I got them each for either $4 or $6 which was a win!

Naptime is usually more like 130 or 2, but she said, "Well, I think it's time I take a nappy do" so after lunch that's what we did.

And I did laundry....

But rewarded myself with this massager that my brother got me for Christmas and is AMAZING.  While watching...

My guilty pleasure.  #LoveYouLiv

And, lunch.  Food has been weird for me, but this sounded good today.  Spinach dip, carrots, and pretzels.

Waking up is HARD for this girl #SheGetsItFromHerDaddy.  Some days are worse than others and this day was rough.  I usually have a quiet activity planned or books sent out, but before we could get to that she did about 20 minutes alone in my room to get used to the day.  When she naps at 130-2 I often have to wake her around 4.  Early naps mean for earlier wake ups though, which help at bed time.

Back to herself :).  I came up to check on her and she was a "kitty princess" (notice the wardrobe change.....we do a couple dresses a day)
She was having so much fun on her "island"

My back was killing me, I think between the trips up the steps with groceries and laundry.  My plan was to go to the gym at 5 since Gerald was going to be late, but that didn't happen.  I played Kaylee's favorite music while I hopped in the shower.  I could hear her singing and playing which was cracking me up.

My phone apparently rang, and she unplugged it and brought it into me and said, "Mom, you have a call.   Do you want me to get it?" #WhenDidYouTurnTwelve  For the rest of my shower she read me bath books like I often do to her.

LOL, what's privacy?

My plan was to make this, but I was really hurting.  I made Kaylee and I spinach, yogurt, raspberry, strawberry, avocado, and blueberry smoothies.  I also gave her a little snack platter.

Because one pink straw just isn't enough.  Gerald got home around 7, hung with K before getting ready for bed where we do a show, snack, and milk.  She always wants story, song and prayer from each of us...oh you poor thing, so much is going to change for you hahaha.  

Scandal was on!  What used to be wine and buff chix dip is now ice cream and shirley temples.  Gerald and I winded down watching Scandal and the end of an awesome Pens game.  I'm usually asleep between 9-10, but this was probably 10-1030.  #WILD

As I was scrolling on my phone before bed, I saw this meme and lol'd.  

Well, that was it!  A really typical day in the life.  Hopefully I'll have a new fun one to post in April or May with our new little addition :)