Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

I love and always have loved Valentine's Day.  I know sometimes it gets a bad wrap for being a Hallmark holiday, but after a post-Christmas/New Years lull, I am always ready for this light-hearted and PINK celebration.  My mom always made is special for us growing up with pink breakfasts and new outfits or gifts (and still does. She got me the best little gifts this year :)) so I've tried to carry that tradition on with my little family.  First up, I had a little Valentine's Day Tea Party for the girls in our family on Sunday:

Everyone brought a little treat to share, which made it so easy for me!  I made these little heart sandwiches.

The party was a success!  Kaylee loved having all of her favorite people there (although she kept saying to me, "it's okay if boys come mom.  They might like it.") 

Monday we did this little craft to give to grandparents.  She is so into gluing, so it was the perfect little Valentine to make.

Valentine's Morning...when you wake up to donuts!  I got donuts for Kaylee and Gerald.  I left Gerald a little bag of treats and same with K.  

I opened the fridge to a breakfast sandwich and this note, yum.

Lollipop lips were a hit.

I had a doctor's appointment, so here we are waiting in the car for Gerald.  (If the dress looks familiar, it's because it was her Christmas dress.....)

After the doctor's, we went to a favorite spot to play with puppies :).  We don't have a dog, so I really try to keep Kaylee around animals as much as possible so she's not afraid and learns how to treat them and as I have to tell her 24903482 times, "Be gentle"

After puppies and the gym, we went home to a heart scavenger hunt!  She loved this so much that I think I'll do it with even post-its or shapes.  I hid about 10 hearts around the house, and she had so much fun finding them.  Not pictured is our everything heart-shaped lunches (:

Each heart had a little message.


Kaylee went to my in-laws, and Gerald and I finished up the day with a college basketball game, which is about as good as it gets for me!  We saw a really good game and ate junk food, perfection.  

Hope your day was filled with LOVE!