Monday, June 9, 2014

Kaylee-2 months

I can't believe Kaylee is two months old!!  Just like everyone promised, time has FLOWN. Everyday it feels like I blink and Gerald is back from work.  

I think month 0-1 was a lot more difficult than 1-2

Months 0-1, Kaylee loved being held (as she still does), would eat every 2ish hours, would sleep no longer than 3 hours, loved the car, and even had her first smile at three weeks.  The difficulty was in adjusting to less sleep with much more responsibility.  At her one month pictures, no matter what we did, Kaylee would not wake up!  2 month pictures were a different story!

I can't believe how much has changed!!

Months 1-2 have been much better, for Kaylee will have a four hour stretch of sleep (usually), she's eating every 3-4 hours, she wakes up very smiley, loves to bounce and be held, and loves the bath.  My favorite time is the morning when she is extra snuggly :)

I'm enjoying each phase, and while I'm excited for her to get on a schedule and sleep through the night, I'm doing my best not to wish away time, for I know how quickly is going.

Love this baby girl more than I knew I could!

Kaylee got baptized over the weekend, and I will have a post about her special day up shortly.