Thursday, July 10, 2014

Celebrating Ryan--Happy 27th!!

Happy Birthday to my brother and best friend…I want to share a few of the many things that I love about you.

While so many memories are remembered through storytelling, like the time you bit my finger when I was an infant, or the time you dared me to cover my head in silly putty, my earliest childhood memories are with you by my side.  I remember you being my #1 fan- no matter what we were doing.  Although we didn't always get along, mom's words "you know someday all you're going to have is each other" have rung so true, for in my most difficult or triumphant moments, you, as my best friend, are who I love to share those moments with.
 I love and admire the way that you have fun, no matter what you're doing.  
You excel at all you do.  Musically, professionally, and, unfortunately for me, athletically.  
You are ALWAYS there for me.  I know how big or small my problem is that you will be there with your love and support.  Your words of wisdom and kindness make all problems seem fixable.
You better the lives of all the people you interact with.  From students to coworkers, family to friends, every person who you interact with is better because of it.
You know how to party, particularly while celebrating your Irish roots.
I love how proud you are of me, and how it pushes me to do things to make you even more proud.

I love all of the memories and inside jokes we have together; ones which I cherish so closely to my heart.
Not only do you make the people around you smile, but you make them LAUGH.  Other than the occasional "tap tap" moments or when you're having an off day in story-telling, you know how to instantly brighten a room.
You've inadvertently taught me the true meaning of life: to love and to be loved.  You have the biggest heart of anyone I know.
You know exactly who you are, and you embrace it.  
You'll do anything for me; even illegally attach a UHAUL to your Jeep.
You really know how to take a selfie….
I love when you ask me to be your plus one and how much fun we have together.  (I especially love how sneakily we can make fun of those around us.)
I love that you aren't afraid to get me back for…anything.  Even making collages of you filled with awkward, tap-tap pictures, which I'm sure you'll later get your revenge for.
I love what an AMAZING uncle and godfather you are to Kaylee, already.  She has no idea how lucky she is to have you as an uncle, role model, and friend.
I love you to the moon and back, Ry Griff.  With each day that passes, with each accomplishment you have, and with each memory that we make, today and always, I am so proud to call you my brother.
Happy Birthday, may you never again have frosted tips, and may I never again have a hair cut to my chin.