Friday, July 11, 2014

That Baby Belly

40 weeks and three months later…and I'm a little bit stuck.

I was very committed to eating healthy and working out during my pregnancy, which definitely paid off via my easy labor and my body bouncing back pretty quickly.  Although the scale says I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight…I don't feel like it is.  

One thing I really miss is going to the gym.  While some people can't stand it, I love it.  I feel motivated around other people working toward their goals, and it pushes me to work harder.  However, getting the gym is not conducive to my life right now.  I'm not complaining, but I need to find other ways to feel like my body is back in action.  

I've been committed to walking the baby outside everyday, and I like it because it benefits both of us.  She loves the fresh air, it gets us out of the house, and it burns a few extra cals. WIth an infant, I feel like I have no time to cook and prepare meals, and because I'm breastfeeding, I've been slacking on my typical strict lifestyle of healthy eating.

So….Here are a few upcoming changes I hope to make. My family and I recently each got a  FitBit.  It tracks your steps, calories, miles walked, and can even track sleep (I've found it quite depressing when I do track my sleep…)  This keeps me thinking about how often I am on the go, and it even results in some fun, family competition!

I have been doing quick workouts via pint rest, but I finally bit the bullet and decided to try p90x3.  The work outs are only thirty minutes, so I hope to fit them in during the early morning or during Kaylee's nap time.  I wanted to try Shakeology with it, but my pediatrician suggested not to since I'm nursing.  I plan to do a before and after pic to see how P90x3 works with my only mini review!

My three keys to a work out:
1. Fast with high intensity
2. Mix things up as often as possible
3. Make it worth it…AKA feel the burn the next day :)