Friday, July 18, 2014

Long weekend!

I can't believe it's already the weekend!  The weeks have been flying by, and I think Kaylee has a lot to do with that.  Last Friday, we celebrated Ryan's birthday at Monteray Bay.  Kaylee got all dressed up for the occasion.  
As it turns out, it was the nicest restaurant she has been to, and it is also the first meal she decided to have a mini meltdown at.  She quickly fell asleep, and we enjoyed a great meal with the fam.  

Here's a little family photo-girflriend has some drool coming out.
Here is the 27 year old birthday boy with his Oreo Cheesecake desert :).

Sunday night, we did some more birthday celebrating for Gerald's brother's 30th birthday where we went to Buca De Peppo (spelling!? ..can't be right)  Kaylee was an angel!

On Monday, my aunt and cousin came to the burgh for a girls' trip :).  We went to lunch at Olive Garden before doing some shopping.
That night, we had a "bachelorette airing party!"

 The next day, my cousin and I did some shopping and went to lunch while our mom's babysat.  Later that day, we hung by the pool and went on a nice walk with our babes.  
Here is Gracie and me :) 

Tonight, Gerald and I are having a date night.  It's a mother's day/father's day gift from his parents which I'll be blogging about later !

Enjoy your weekend!