Sunday, August 3, 2014

OCMD 2014

We had such a blast in OCMD with The Griffin's and Armbruster's!  

We had a week of great weather for the beach and karaoke-filled nights.   Our houses were right on the beach, so I already miss waking up to this beautiful view.   
Two years ago, we went to the same place!  Here we are a couple years ago.  It was definitely a different year.  Two years ago, there were a lot later nights that turned into early mornings, but this year we had two great additions to the trip :)
The girls were so much fun at the beach, and were really interested in each other.  It will be no time until their age gap seems non-existent.  

Like two years ago, we had a great bachelorette party to watch the finale of the show.  I mean…we even had rose pedals covering the living room and kitchen, games for commercial breaks, roses, and prizes.  

We had a nice family dinner one night.

We also carried on the tradition of going to Nicks for ribs with all 13 of us.  Kaylee and Gracie matched :)

The guys golfed a lot, so we got to have lots of girl time :)

I'm REALLY feeling a vacation hangover today, but Gerald took Kaylee and got me breakfast this morning, so I got breakfast in bed and caught a few more zzz's!  How lucky am I!?

Have a great week :)