Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kaylee-4 months

I can't believe Kaylee is 4 months old (yesterday)!

She is still nursing well, and we will find out tomorrow if she can eat solid foods!   When she's in a good mood, she loves to be with and smile at her daddy, but when she's sad all she wants is her mama!

Kaylee really is a happy baby!  She loves bath time and hanging out in her walker.  She LOVES to watch TV, particularly the Pirates with her papa.  She's not a big fan of her crib, but loves her rock-n-sleeper.   She's becoming a good napper, but we are still waiting for her to sleep more than a few hours in a row at night. She also loves spending time with her grandparents!! I can't believe how much she changes with each day, and particularly over the past four months...

You make my heart happier than I ever knew possible, and I love watching you grow, baby girl!