Thursday, August 14, 2014

Some Good Reads :)

Reading has always been a passion of mine, and I think it's partially because I know in order to be a good writer it is essential to spend ample time reading!  Ever since I can remember, going to the book store or library to get a new book was always so exciting :).  Here are some books that I've recently read..

I am OBSESSED with this book, and would encourage anyone who can appreciate great writing and a remarkable and unpredictable story to give this a read.  It's non-fiction, and it is the definition of a page-turner!  My roommate in Indy got me to read it, and I tell others to read it every chance I get. 

Now I hate to overuse the word, but this book too is pretty DEEP.  The beauty of it is how current and eye-opening it is.  I really liked it, and I think it would appeal to any reader, but particularly those interested in learning the realities of women's rights world wide.  I think what I enjoyed some much about this book was the sense of empowerment inflicted upon me after reading it.  I think it's one of those books everyone should be required to read.

I really loved this book.  Gosh the more I post, the more I realize how much nonfiction I read.  This book is about Ellen Degeneres's wife and the struggles she dealt with as a young actress.  Her struggles mostly included eating disorders and shame of her sexuality.  Particularly knowing that she is well now,  I really loved seeing how much she overcame.  

It's funny how this one came to me.  I had recently gotten a NOOK, and I wanted a new book to read while working out.  I saw this was about an English major, same as me, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  Mind you, this was before this book turned into the new hot thing.  All I can really say is: It's more like 50 shades of stupid and poor writing.

I read this one at the beach, and really liked it!  (Non fiction…shocker) It's about a woman and mother who completely changed her lifestyle, which was full of drugs and alcohol, when she gets pregnant.  It is short chapters full of her life's funny, sad, and heart-warming anecdotes.  I definitely recommend it, especially for other mamas!

Gerald and I listened to this one on an audio book and were OBSESSED!! It was a literal jaw-dropper. I would describe it, in one word, as INTENSE.  

I am just starting this.  The size of it is definitely intimidating, but my dad, who is extremely similar to myself, loved it, so I am sure I will as well.  With Kaylee, my time to read is few and far between, but I look forward to getting through it!!!