Friday, August 29, 2014

I said YES :)

I'm SO excited to announce my engagement to my fiancé (CRAZY TO SAY) Gerald!  On August 26, he asked if I wanted to play basketball at my parents house, which we often do, and little did I know that I would come home engaged!!
After our first game (he beat me :( ) He had the ball to play another one…as I approached him to guard him, I saw the ball!!  I can't believe I didn't notice it until then!! Then, he said some verryyy sweet things, and knelt down and asked me to marry him.  Looking back it's all so surreal and a blur due to my sense of shock AND excitement!  

My mom had been in the pool with the baby, and we went up, beaming, to inform my parents of the big news!  It just so happened that they had champagne, so we were able to properly celebrate on the beautiful evening of August 26 :)

Even Kaylee celebrated!

Now, I'm not the best with keeping up with my nails, so you'd better believe I sprinted into my mom's bathroom to steal some nail polish to paint my left hand, and only my left hand, for the picture hehe :)

I'm so excited for all of the wedding planning and celebrations in our future, but I'm most excited to officially say I'll be spending my forever with my best friend and soul mate.  

I'm not sure any game will every top that one.

Happy Friday :)