Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kaylee-5 months

The babe girl is 5 months and healthy as can be!  We have a couple of teeth coming in, so she's been a pretty uncomfortable, but nothing a frozen washcloth hasn't fixed!

She's really growing into herself, and is smiley as can be!  She loves saying "wawa" and is getting some "Dada's" out which is making her Dada very happy!   Our precious angel still isn't sleeping longer than 3ish consecutive hours, and right in the middle of the night she loves a good talking sesh.  

She's rolling from tummy to back, or has a few times on the bed with both excitement and shock when she does so! (As seen in the pic..the girl also never stops kicking!) I can't believe her HALF BIRTHDAY is only a month away!!  

We're still working on sitting up...

I love you Kaylee girl :)