Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fall!? Say it isn't so.

I CANNOT believe that the first day of fall is only a couple of days away; where did summer go!?  Since the baby, in my mind I thought I'd think about fall work, but the thought of it ever coming was nonexistent.  Yet, here we are!  

Fall is my favorite time of year.. I love the idea of hoodies and yoga pants (the perfect combo!), fires, football, and the brisk air!  The thought of living somewhere tropical or with a warmer climate just never appealed to me, because with each change in season/weather there is always something to look forward to!

Things are going great over at the Tyler/Griffin household, and we even have a new addition...a tooth!
As you can see, there was no denying it was coming since our babe girl was napping like this.  

I started coaching my 7th grade basketball team, and we are now four games in AND 4-0!  It's been a great experience thus far, and the perfect amount of time for the baby and I to have a little time away from each other, but it's just long enough that I am missing her by the end:)

Along with basketball, wedding planning has been in full speed, and I even said yes to the dress!  I know that 8/22/15 will be here before I know it, so I am trying to savor the planning and excitement for the big day ahead.  I even tried on my mom's wedding gown...
I hope she's not too upset that I decided to go with something of my own ;), not that it isn't beautiful!!

It's hard to believe that this was us just a year ago, enjoying the beautiful fall weather in Indy!!

Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you have your calendars marked-- The big birthday is less than 2 weeks away!!!!!!!!!