Thursday, September 25, 2014

Premiere Week!

It's always fun to have a couple shows to look forward to throughout the week, and another exciting thing about Fall is the start of many shows!! 

My absolute FAVORITE show is...SCANDAL.
I watched the first season on Netflix, and I became obsessed!  My schedule doesn't typically allow me to watch it LIVE, but this is one that I am watching first thing the next day.  LOVE IT.  

Next, I always get Super excited for The Voice.  I'm always so impressed by the talent, and I love getting to know the rockstar coaches.  These two cuties are my favs.  

I've been a religious Grey's Anatomy watcher since Season 1 (I feel like they're my friends...).  It's crazy how young they look compared to this upcoming season.

I'm very excited for the premiere, tonight!  

Lastly, I started watching Revenge on Netflix and really liked it.  However, it has come to be a bit much for me, or like the story line is going in circles.  I'm excited for the premiere, but it may make or break it for me whether or not I keep watching.

What premieres are you excited to see?