Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kaylee-3 Months!!

I can't believe how quickly time is going and how fast my baby girl is growing up.  I can't believe how much she changes and grows with each day.  I'd read and been told to "just get through the first 12 weeks," and I'm there.  While I don't think there are any drastic "12 week changes" I do see why people say it.  We are on a lot more of a consistent routine now, and I'm getting used to and really loving motherhood.

Here is my baby girl-- SO BIG!

Right now, Kaylee goes to sleep between 9-10 each night, and she wakes around 630-7 with typically two feedings in the night (around 1 and 4).  She loves to take baths, and has gotten to "swim," which she loves!  I really think she's a good baby!  She cries when she is really tired (typically once in the morning for a nap and 2-3 times in the afternoon/evening), when she's hungry, and when you're holding her wrong.  She loves to be held outward so she can look at everything :).  She LOVES being outside.  When she's crying, I take her outside and she almost immediately stops!  

She now loves her bumbo and her baby playmat, so it's nice when I need to some some things I can count on getting 10-20 minutes out of each of those.  Kaylee loves to go for walks, but is liking the car less and less.  Let's hope this changes soon since Vacation is at the end of the month….6 hours away.  Eeeeek! She loves her hands, putting everything in her mouth (mostly my hair), and rolling onto her side.

She is sooo smiley and coos all of the time!  Her best times are in the morning and when she wakes up from a nap. She also loves to "walk."  Aka be held when she's on her feet and can put one foot in front of another…oh and she HATES tummy time.  Yikes.  While this may sound very mundane to the average reader, I know I'll be glad to have all these details and to see how much she continues to change and grow :).  

Later this week, I'll be blogging about "getting back into pre-baby shape!"  

Happy Hump Day!