Monday, July 7, 2014

Independence Day :)

How lucky are we to live in a nation where we are given the opportunity to freely celebrate its birthday!? We had a great Independence Day weekend celebrating with family!
Thursday, Kaylee and I hung by the pool a little bit.  Later on Gerald and I hung at my parents and ordered pizza; they went to a concert.

Friday, Gerald and I went downtown with my parents.  They rode their bikes on this cute little path that leads to the city, while we walked with Kaylee in the stroller.
We didn't quite make it into the city on our walk, but we still had this beautiful view and walked right along the water.  We walked to this cute little restaurant.  
Kaylee did so great and slept most of the day.  Here are our drinks of choice :).
He we are loving on our little american baby :)
We went back to my parents for a cook out and hung out by the pool.  It was really nice!!
On Saturday, I went with my parents to my aunt's Lakehouse.  Gerald went to the Pirate game with his friends, so we had a day at the lake!
Kaylee liked the boat, for the most part.  She LOVES to be outside.  As a matter of fact, when she's crying, I take her outside and she immediately stops.  The only problem was keeping her in the shade and not being able to walk much.  The girl LOVES to be on the move! (More about what she's into this week when I post about my baby girl turning THREE months!!) 

On Sunday, Gerald and I just hung out and relaxed.  We watched Lone Survivor, which you should watch if you feel like being depressed for a few days… I made us tortellini for dinner, and Gerald made funfetti angel food cake for dessert :)

Enjoy your week :)