Thursday, October 9, 2014

Birthday Fun

I had such a great birthday week/weekend/the month is still in action.  If you know me, you know how shy I am about my birthday celebration.
(Jk,that's my handwriting....)
Anyway, I woke up to some great decor around the house from Gerald (he made my day SO special!)

I got ---- a work out outfit and the cutest uggs ever from Gerald.  Thoughtful little Kaylee got me this mug
and a half priced books gift card :) 

Kaylee and I spent the day together...we went to Target then over to my parents where they gave me a couple of really pretty Brighton rings AND a new phone once I decide on one!!  

While everyone was so thoughtful and giving, my favorite part was spending the evening with the people I love most (minus big brother Ryan, of course :( )

We went to Monteray Bay for a nice dinner...they even customized the menu!!!

My sweet brother Ryan just sent me a couple of gifts today with the best card ever.
Ukulele and some SICK kicks. 

Lastly, we went out with our friends Gab and Charlie for dinner on Saturday.  Here they are at Dave & Busters RACING 

We wrapped up the weekend by having lunch and celebrating during the Steeler game at Gerald's parents house!

23 was an amazing year, and I am so excited to see what 24 has in store!