Friday, October 10, 2014

Kaylee-6 months

Happy Half Birthday to this precious baby girl!

Kaylee is so alert and intrigued by her surroundings!  She is always so happy, despite the very, very, very small amount of sleep she gets (I wish her mama could do that well on such little sleep!)  

She has two teeth with a couple more on the way.  (You can almost see them in the pic below)

 Her favorite things are going for walks, bath time, BOOKS, and hanging in her walker.  We've vetoed the TV, so we've gotten created with getting her some independent time without having to be held, and she's been doing great!  

She's rolling over and is non stop moving.  When she becomes mobile, we are going to be in TROUBLE.  She's also pretty close to sitting up by herself for more than a few seconds.

The best six months of my life :)