Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a beautiful Memorial Day!  We have been so blessed with nice weather over these holiday weekends.  

Friday night we headed to my parents house.  We walked over to the Yacht Club for dinner, then put the baby to sleep at my moms and hung there for a while.  
He we are on our walk...yes I have a mass amount of pretzel rods in my purse.  

Saturday, we went to the park :) then for appetizers and drinks at Puglianos.  Kaylee is getting more and more independent at the park, it's so fun to watch! 
She was loving the swings, and especially loved saying, "HAT, HAT, HAT!"
She had a side of french fries at PUGS and you would've thought she was in Heaven.

Sunday wasn't my best picture-taking day... I had my dress alterations..EEK.  T minus 3 months until the wedding.  OMG.  I went to lunch with my mom and gram after.  Then Gerald, Kaylee, and I headed to sweet Rachel's 8th birthday party.  Kaylee loved seeing kids and had a cupcake so she had a ball.   That night, Gerald and I hung on the deck, made drinks, and played some games.  

Memorial Day, I made a red-white-and blue breakfast in the morning :).  French toast made with blueberry bagels with homemade strawberry sauce. So easy, festive, and delic.  Here's what I did to serve 2.  
1. 2 Cups chopped strawberries and 1/4 cup sugar over medium heat.  Stir occasionally until jam like substance.  Took about 7 minutes.

2. Mix 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/2 tbsp cinnamon, 1 egg, and 3/4 cup milk (I had a lot of extra left at the end)

3. Completely dip both sides of blueberry bagel in mixture (2)

4. Place bagel in skillet on med heat about 3 minutes each side.

5. Pour strawberry sauce on french toast
6. ENJOY :)

After Kaylee's nap, we went back to my parents for a picnic.  They have a pool in their complex, so Kaylee got to swim.

It was cold, but she was a trooper.

We had a great picnic, then headed home to get ready for the week.  

Enjoy the short work week:)