Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Toddler Tuesday

"This too shall pass.."

I feel that way with every stage, every schedule we get Kaylee on, and everything inbetween.  It's comforting when a difficult stage is present, but defeating when you're in a stage of glory!

We had been in a great routine as I know I've mentioned...morning nap, afternoon nap, bed by 730, the works!  Over the past week our sweet little girl decided to keep us on our toes and change things up.

This was a nap time gone wrong...and the picture was taken at 6:15 PM when I was trying to wake her up.  Kaylee saw 9pm for the first time in months.  

Kaylee had a tough couple of days in school last week, and she only has about 4 more school days of being in child care left until summer, so we are in the home stretch.

 Kaylee loves watching other kids, here she is with Rachel! 
CURLS. prec. (they're there I promise.)

She loves to watch her cousin Gracie too and is starting to be able to play with her.

The past couple of days she wasn't ready to get up at 6am but woke up crying, so after some milk she went right back to sleep...until 9am.  Yes, and I worshiped every second.  BUT nap time, was that a nap?  Is there just going to be one later afternoon nap?  This was her at 9am, still not ready to embark on the day.  So I got 20 MINUTES OF CUDDLES. I was in heaven. (I think she just likes my new nails and how they feel when I tickle her back, but we are going to pretend she just wanted some cuddles with her mama).