Monday, May 18, 2015

Showered with Love

I had such a wonderful weekend with wonderful people!!  Spending time with my family makes me remember how blessed I am!

Friday night, my cousins Kelly, Abby, and Aunt Ellie came in.  (Kaylee's adorable cousins, too!).  We had dinner at my moms then I snuck out to meet the girls at my grams after Kaylee went to sleep; I love me some girl time!

Saturday was Shower Day--Kaylee and I worked hard to get a good pic together before everyone came.

Everything was BEAUTIFUL!!! My mom has worked so hard on everything and my wonderful bridesmaids and family also helped so much which made me so thankful!  It was a perfect day!

Purple, purple, everywhere:)

This was me in my "My Size Barbie" outfit :) #YesIHadBangs #YesItWasAwkward

My sisters:)

Two of my longest friends!!! I have been friends with Gab (right) since 1st grade and Lindsey (left) since third grade!!

This was about half of the presents----It felt like Christmas on steroids.  I got so many wonderful and special gifts.

Someone surprised me with beautiful purple flowers and a card that said, "I CAN'T WAIT." It was so sweet!

Saturday night we had pizza and wine.  We watched Gracie and Kaylee play and play and play.  It was so cute.  Gracie just loves hugging Kaylee and holding her hand; it is quite heart-melting!!!

I was also happy to sneak in some London snuggles:)  Was Kaylee Every that little!?

Sunday, Gerald and I went through everything and found a home for all of our new goodies!  It was like Christmas morning..we were LOVING it!  

Thank you for everyone who was a part of my special day. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect shower.