Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend :)

What a beauty and whirlwind of a weekend!  It went so quickly, that I forgot to take many pictures.

Friday night, one of my best friends Gab and her now FIANCE :) Charlie came over.  We had drinks on the deck and played some games while baby slept.  They just got engaged when they were on a vacation in Jamaica, and I could not be happier for them!

Saturday, I drove up to Grove City ( weird being in the car for an hour, alone!) to celebrate my friend's baby shower!  Everything was so nice, and I'm so excited for her baby boy to be here.  She is going to be such a great mama!  I also got to catch up with my old roommate, Amanda, which is always lots of fun.

How awesome does she look?!

Sunday, Mother's Day, was a very special day!  I got to sleep in while Gerald ran out and brought me back breakfast.  He was so helpful getting things ready for the company we were having, and he got me the sweetest gifts!  An adorable mug (shown below), a work out outfit, and a maxi skirt and tank that I wore on mother's day AND that he picked out ALL BY HIMSELF.  I wish I had a picture; you'd be impressed!

My parents, grandparents, and his family came over for a really nice day!  Kaylee wasn't feeling her best, but she was a trooper!  My mom got me a beautiful necklace along with a letter she'd found that I wrote in high school as an assignment.  It was a letter to my future daughter, how appropriate!  It was so special to reread and meant so much. Gerald's mom got me a massage which I am SO excited to use!  My grandma brought us all BEAUTIFUL hanging flower baskets :)

After the fam left, Gerald took Kaylee to his parents where I napped and watched TV...yes, that really happened.  I was so spoiled!  We finished off the evening with Gerald ordering my fav pizza and watching tv in bed.  What a special day!  

Hope everyone has an awesome Monday :)