Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Toddler Tuesday

Not Too much is new with Kaylee, other than a couple new molars coming in that has made her incredibly miserable not as pleasant to be around as usual.  I feel so bad for babies when they're unable to communicate what's wrong with them, but I must say I feel equally as bad for their mamas.  

Lots of temper tantrums in the Tyler household this past week, and we'll just go ahead and blame teething.  

Kaylee is newly saying, "all done" which has been great!  She says it when she's done eating, but she also says it when I'm trying to change her diaper which to her right now is equivalently as painful as getting a shot.  

We got to play in her baby pool this week.  It seemed as tho the water was just a little bit too cold for her right foot.  

Kaylee's curls are coming in!  Especially on the humid days, they are in FULL FORCE.  Although she doesn't have long luxurious locks like her cousin London, what's there is begining to curl, and it's just the cutest thing.  

She's walking all around and from one room to another, but I wouldn't say it's official quite yet.  

Lastly, Kaylee is still loving her baby dolls.  I caught her doing this in the back seat.  


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