Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day :)

We had such a nice Father's Day celebrating these guys!!!
Kaylee and I were up early, and we made Gerald a nice big breakfast for when he woke up.  The thing about Kaylee is, if anyone is eating then she has\\ to be eating.  So, it became breakfast for two (and Kaylee's second breakfast...).
We gave Gerald some gifts, and when Kaylee went to sleep we watched his fav, Orange is the New Black.  When Kaylee woke up, we headed to my parents and went out to lunch.

Here's Kaylee and my dad playing in the street while we looked for a place.  It was just about as safe as it looks...
After lunch Kaylee swam with my parents while Gerald and I hung by the pool.  

this is the mug I got my dad...LOL.  
Kaylee missed her afternoon nap, so by 630 she was passed out in the car!
Gerald's parents stayed late at their camper, so we didn't get to celebrate with them yet.  Here was Kaylee's not to her pappy though :)

Have a great week!