Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites

I'm so excited that it's Friday, because tomorrow is my Bachelorette party!  I found this online, so I might as well start it out as my first favorite.

Just saying, I won't be mad if Ryan Gosling were to make an appearance... ;) jkjk. I'm so excited to spend the day/night out with my girlfriends! Gerald will be holding down the fort with Kaylee girl.

Last night Gerald and I went to the Pirate's game with my brother and his friend.  It was a little rainy, and there were some ticket troubles, but once in the stadium the view of my city was just memorizing!  I love it.

Kaylee is in full baby mode right now.  I caught her just bending down and giving her "baby" kiss after kiss just like I do when she's in her crib.  Such little sponges these babies are :).

Yesterday Gerald finished up his work early, so he volunteered to take Kaylee for a few hours so I could run errands and get some stuff done around the house.  (it took me about a millisecond to jump on that) So, I did some shopping and then stopped at Panera, BY MYSELF, and had a bagel.  It's funny because I'm still so conditioned to eating as fast as I can even when Kaylee isn't there.  The picture isn't too appealing, but it was a jalapeno cheddar bagel, delic!

Have a great weekend, and be sure to stop back Monday for Bachelorette pics, YAY!! :)