Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Toddler Tuesday

This week is extra exciting, because it's my LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL. I can't believe it.  I'm so excited to dig into a new summer routine.

Kaylee girl is in full toddler mode, and it's so much fun.  I swear she learns at least one new word each day.  Here she was eating lunch and she pointed to her eye with her finger and said "eye."  I cheered and cheered so here was her reaction to my cheering!
Bubble is probably her new favorite word.  I've been even blowing bubbles inside which is BLOWING HER MIND.
She recently got some pool time at Grandma and Pop's and loved it.  She loves the water almost as much as she loves the watching other kids swim.

She is into EVERYTHING.  Finds any corner or small space to explore.  She knows for the most part what she is and is not allowed to do, so when she does something wrong she just stares at me, continues to do it, and says "NO NO" while pointing her sweet little finger.  
We are having so much fun outside.  She looks a little drunk here, but we were getting ready for a walk and this pic cracked me up.
Her new favorite games are opening and closing the door, and pushing the top of the ottoman off and climbing in is a close second.  

She is such a momma's girl.  I'm trying my best to cherish it, because I know her wanting to constantly wanting to be around me will be gone before I know it!

Kaylee will be 14 months this week, I love you baby girl!!