Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Toddler Tuesday/Weekend Update

 Kaylee girl is 14 months--today!  She is quite the chatty Kathy.  Here we are about 5 minutes into my school's 8th grade graduation.  Someone was yelling "HI, HI, HI, WOW WOW WOW, HI, HI, HI..." in the small church that we learned echoes loudly.   So, here we are watching from the mother's room.  
Friday we went to the park.  It's a little old for her, but she had so much fun running around and chasing other kids.  I'm not sure who was more exhausted at the end of the hour...That evening I went and met my friend Lindsey for happy hour and drinks :).  

Saturday I met my friend Amanda and parents at an adorable brunch place.  We sat outside and then walked around after.  Kaylee took quite the spill on the cement, but she was a trooper!  That night Gerald had work stuff to do, so we just got pizza and watched a movie.

After 2 sleepless nights and despite her good ear checkup Friday morning, this poor girl is sick again.

Off to Urgent Care we went, and another double ear infection.  Poor Baby!!  #DontMindMyHair #BlamingTheSleeplessNights

Kaylee had a bit of a fever, so we played in her pool.

The poor kid has seen better days...

She was starting to feel a little bit better yesterday, but we are in a phase where EVERYTHING is a "hat." Her food, drinks, toys, everything.  This results in constant sticky, dirty hair.

And there we are with the PB&J hat...

We played at the library for a while then headed home.  She is exploring EVERYTHING, even her bin of kitchen toys.

I love watching you grow, baby girl :)

Check back Thursday for our Summer Bucket List!