Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend in VA

We had such a great weekend in Virginia celebrating London's baptism!  Gerald and I left Friday evening in hopes that Kaylee would fall asleep around bedtime in the car....she outplayed us.  She was good in the car but definitely no sleeping.  She passed right out when we got there!  The grownups had some drinks.  It was so much fun catching up.

Kaylee started an early morning at about 540am....yaaa.  It was so much fun watching the girls play.  Kaylee tried so hard to keep up with Gracie and was trying to mimic her every move.  After some naps we decided to head by a nearby winery.
They looked so cute in the double stroller, but they weren't huge fans of the winery....
So we decided to head home and have some pool time:)
The girls were so TIRED from their busy day, and enjoyed some books with my dad before bed.  We got pizza and played Cards Against Humanity.  No, I don't recommend playing with your parents...
Sunday was London's baptism!  Raise your hand if your name is Kaylee and you were awake until 3am......yes, that really happened.  

The baptism was so nice, and so was the after-party.  London is such an angel!!!  I was a terrible picture-taker on Sunday, but the kids all played and then we hit the road where Kaylee slept all 3 hours and then went straight to bed when we got was amazing!

Gerald and I ended the weekend with some Chinese and an Orange is the New Black episode.

Have a wonderful week:)