Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone!  Here are some of my favs from the week.


Had a bachelorette finale party of TWO!  I made buffalo chicken dip and encouraged made Gerald watch the finale with me!  :)

I'm really liking this hair product that I blogged about here.

I've been pretty interested in trying PIYO, so I tried this YouTube video.  I really liked it.  It must've been harder than I thought, because I AM SO SORE.

I'm starting to get this peanut to try lots of new veggies.  She loved cucumbers and tomatoes yesterday.

Mornings.  Kaylee wants to be "SIDE" most of the day, so we get a lot of porch time in the mornings.  Sometimes she'll just relax on my legs and absorb everything.  TOOCUTE.

Have a great weekend:)