Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Hair

I feel like a lot of people like their hair more in the summer: more volume, some curls, the classic "beach hair."  Summer and my hair don't really see eye to eye, ever.  I have curly hair but use oils/serums much more in the summer and straighten it because of the frizz situation.   I don't like putting tons of hairspray in gel in it, too.  I got this product in my IPSY bag and really like it!
It's "Coolway Beachy Salt Spray."  I sprayed throughout my hair 8-10 times when it was damp.  
I pinned my bangs back because they didn't really get a curl.  It didn't have a strong smell, and it didn't leave my hair with the usual frizz.
I probably took 3-4 minutes and curled 8-10 top pieces of hair to see how it would hold without hairspray or anything and it did!  I also thought makeup wouldn't be a bad idea for picture # 2....

Kaylee has inherited my curls, and I know she is going to need some product in that wild hair sooner than later, so this could be a good candidate for her.

Thanks for stopping by :)